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What’s in the workshop?

This workshop has been written and is presented by Expedition Doctor and Himalayan Specialist Dr Bill Crozier, Expedition Doctor and Polar Explorer Dr Gareth Andrews, Performance Psychologist and mountaineer Dr Kate Baecher, and Adventure and Wilderness Sports Training Expert Joe Bonington.

You will receive insights into and the latest research, in physically and mentally prepping for altitude, altitude related illnesses and other medical emergencies.

Every year people just like you are dying at altitude from these simple mistakes from first time trekkers, to experienced mountaineers... The results of this study (less than 2 years old) will blow your mind!

  • This study was done at Dhaulagiri Basecamp in the spring season 2018
  • Participants ranged from the very experienced to the not so experienced
  • 100% of climbers said that they would recognise the symptoms of Altitude Mountain Sickness. Yet when tested NONE of them (that's ZERO percent!) responded correctly to symptoms described
  • 94% said they would know how to treat Altitude Mountain Sickness and yet ONLY 18% prescribed the correct protocols.
  • Which means if they were looking after you… a staggering 82% of these adventurers could have killed you

In the words of the study: THE RESULTS WERE ALARMING!!!

You’ll learn lessons from our panel of experts on: 

  • How to avoid altitude-related illnesses
  • How to identify and treat AMS/HACE and HAPE
  • How to prepare physically and mentally for a high altitude expedition
  • The psychology of stress at altitude in emergency situations
  • What other medical emergencies to look out for in high and remote places


We know what courses are like! We don't just want to fill your head with information and send you on your way.

So we've got this set of awesome bonuses that are a complete altitude system in a box, to make sure you can put everything you learn into practice easily.

#Bonus 1 - Modified Altitude Illness Scoring System sheets Valued at $11  

#Bonus 2 - The Complete Guide to Altitude Sickness E-book valued at $19  

#Bonus 3 - Mountaineering Training Skeleton or Trek Training Skeleton $57

#Bonus 4 - Access to the professional video recording of the event $197


Who this workshop is for:

  • Are you a trekker going to altitude for the first time?
  • Are you a more experienced climber/mountaineer going to new heights? Or perhaps an adventurer who has struggled with altitude in the past?  
  • Are others in your care? Are you a trek leader? A school teacher? A personal trainer? Or perhaps you are taking your family on their first trip to the Himalayas?

Are you any of the above? Use this easy to understand workshop to give you all the knowledge you need and feel secure and confident in your ability to look after yourself and those around you. Saturday February 1st, day workshop 9:30 till 2:30pm.



Don't Miss Out. 

Because this could save your life or that of one of your team. Sign up for the workshop today!


This is 100% RISK FREE for you. 

If you don't learn anything new or aren't happy in any way we will give you 100% of the ticket price back. No questions asked.

So we are offering a full money back guarantee if you don't get what you need from the workshop.

#Guarantee Bonus 1 - We'll also buy you a coffee to take home with you 

#Guarantee Bonus 2 - You still get to keep ALL of the bonuses

Ade Summers is probably recognised across the trekking industry as one of the worlds most experienced and prolific Himalayan and Karakorum guides and expedition leaders, working for companies across Australia, Europe and Britain, this is what he had to say about the speakers:

Bill is a valued asset with his medical and high altitude knowledge and experience. His insight into the medicine and theory has given me a deeper understanding of altitude sickness, how to spot it and manage the condition. And there is no one better at preparing people both physically and emotionally for an expedition than Joe

Ade Summers

Expedition organiser and leader

Where? Joe’s Basecamp

Unit 7/16-22 Cross Street, Brookvale, 2100

Your Panel of Altitude Insiders and Experts

Dr Bill Crozier

Anaesthetist, Expedition Doctor, has been travelling to the Himalayas for over 20 years.

Dr Gareth Andrews

Anaesthetist, Expedition Doctor, Polar explorer and extreme environments specialist.

Dr Kate Baecher

Clinical and Performance Psychologist specialising in extreme and high risk environments, mountaineer and climber.

Joe Bonington

Strength and Conditioning Coach specialising in wilderness and adventure sports and activities, and lover of high and remote places.