Has your ability to train during these times been impacted?

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  • Are you worried that unless you exercise properly, your health, well being and immune system is being affected?
  • Are you worried as to whether you are doing the right kind of exercise? Too much or too little?
  • Do you have no accountability?
  • Has alcohol consumption gone up, activity down and eating become either erratic or comfort focused? Are you stressed? Struggling to adjust? And in need of something good and healthy to focus on?

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Our online coaching, whether in a virtual group or virtual one on one setting, brings quality, safe and efficient training with guaranteed results.

No. We aren't just another home fitness program where you're going to be smashing out star jumps and push ups. If you're looking for a science-based strength and conditioning program from credible coaches then you have come to the right place.

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So what's included?

Climb training inclusions

Climb Online Group Training - Just $13 per week

Our extremely popular group strength and conditioning coached program for those who are used to training in a class environment, wanting to train high intensity and have a virtual group to train with! Where we differ from others? Every session is delivered to you in high definition via multi-camera live streaming, where you can interact with your coach and other people in the group. It’s next level! Easy to follow and safe to do at home, our delivery will give you the confidence and support you need to complete our periodised s&c program in the comfort of your own home.
Not sure of something? Send us videos of your training and we will critique and modify for you, providing you 24/7 Messaging feedback just as if you were having online personal training.

To get started, all you need is a heavy and light kettlebell (or substitute dumbbells, or you can make homemade weights from 5, 10, 15 L handled water containers) floor space, some where to run… and an awesome positive attitude!

No equipment? No worries - access our bodyweight sessions all part of the Climb program. See the complete Basecamp training schedule below (*Climb excludes access to outdoor sessions).